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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Breaking Dawn Poster: McLuhan: The Medium Is The Message Folks

The Medium Is The Message Folks

Great! I get to give a rant on McLuhan.

All over the fandom are the rants on this poster! As usual the twihards are right. It is awful. They are analyzing it in hundreds of comments. And some of them get damn close. So go over to robsessed and read them.

Here is part of the best one by nikola6

nikola6 6 hours ago
This is in response to RobFanAlways, but disqus tossed me up here...

I may come off a little cyptic here, but this is a public blog...It's complicated. While both are ambitious, they've opted for different avenues to fulfill those ambitions. One is a team player and the other understands the bullshit of the playing field. Not that he doesn't do his job in the selling of this franchise. He absolutely does. But he knows what it is and tho approaches it as a professional, also keeps a healthy distance from it. The other embraces it. Whole heartedly. One is seeking mainstream Hollywood stardom. The other wants to mix it up a bit. Neither is wrong. Just different approaches. End of cryptic. Now comes opinion...

I think there is a very good possibility that there will be more Twilight films (even if there aren't any more books) continuing the story of Jacob and Renesmee because there's a fortune to be made from them. Or so they think. I'm not so sure as I believe the success of these movies lies upon one thing...the kind of chemistry that comes along only a handful of times in a generation (like Bogart and Bacall), the kind of chemistry shared between Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. Now if they can find an actress who'll pair up as equally well with Taylor...then maybe. But the thing is, you cannot manufacture chemistry (produce seduction)between human beings. Either it's there or it's not. And the odds that S-c-ummit could strike lightning twice is a long shot. But once the first saga concludes, that will be the end of Rob's participation here. So if they are indeed looking to Taylor as the future of the franchise, then it makes sense to continue to build his stardom. .... But yeah, I think Summit is looking to the future here and Rob will not be a part of that. Not that he wouldn't work for Summit again, but not in a future Twilight film ....
Edward (Pattinson) looks like a staid, kind of bored married husband and Bella (Stewart) looks as if she spends a lot of time with the hair police getting just the right look NOT of bouffant.

Now Jacob! Wow! He's got his six-pack like the good ol boy to come American male is supposed to have, eh? All well fed on good red beef, tanned, and buff, man, buff. The image that Scummit wants to portray in their male stars. (Jake in Source Code was all buff.) Scummit wants to continue being a playa after Twilight is over. Reminder: Scummit was on the abyss of bankruptcy when they got and did Twilight.  It was just about their swan song. And then! Rob and Kristen built the house that is now called Scummit! What do ya know!

The poster is ostensibly about promoting Breaking Dawn. The message is that we are gonna continue with Taylor and the real American male films for swooning girls. Yes Taylor is the most savvy of the three. The most financial short term savvy one of the three. But he has cloned himself from the spontaneous, adorable boy into a handsome version of Stallone. It won't work Taylor. Not for very long. That day is over now. You are too late to the party. And Scummit is woefully lacking in any kind of vision or real artistic talent spotters on anything to do more than use up their cachet from Twilight and disappear.

Who from the 40's and 50's would ever have thought MGM would go on the block, or WB or Paramount? Hollywood as it was known is over folks. Over. As in O - V - E - R!

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