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Monday, June 25, 2012

Guerrilla Filmmaking - Review: Sound Of My Voice at the MOXIE in Springfield MO

Is She From The Future?

Or is she heralding the future?
In her interview with Interview Brit Marling discusses her time at Georgetown where three people met and became friends, deciding to make the documentary:Boxers and Ballerinas 2004
Brit Marling
Mike Cahill
Zal Batmanglij
Directing, Producing, Writing, Acting, Shooting, Editing
They collaboratively took Another Earth to Sundance and won two prizes there. What is wonderful is that they work together equally. There is no big Other involved in the making of their films. Zizek! Take notice please!

Once again Brit Marling is exploring Alterity

From her earlier film Another Earth

We can recall moments in the past when we had equal chances of living or dying - in a car crash, for example.... Every time someone finds himself at a crossroads of this kind, he has two worlds before him... It is the same with each decisive moment, both with birth and with death. Just as the virtual dead man that I am continues on his way on the other side, carries on with his existence which runs just beneath the surface of mine, birth is that dividing line where on the one side I exist as myself, but on the other I begin, at the same moment to exist as other Such is the form of alterity...(Impossible Exchange 82)

Kenzaburo Oe in A Personal Matter  opts for a choice-centered cosmology, and puts this in the mouth of one of his characters:
Every time you stand at the crossroads of life and death, you have two universes in front of you...  

A lovely review of this film: Sound of My Voice