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Sunday, July 17, 2011



President Obama is an addict. A nicotine addict

Addictive behavior does not just apply to the primary substance. Addicts are addicts in all sorts of other ways too. Can you think of some?

Oreo Cookie

Oreo Cookies

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Steal This Greg Irons War Image

Greg Irons on War - Another "Stolen" Copyright

Every time I see another of his drawings "stolen" by a publication he published in in order to keep paying the rent and eating, I want to scream. All his Fillmore posters from the 60's, for which he was paid $100 each, maybe less at the beginning.

That motherfucking Bill Graham (who ran a great "deterrence game")  made hundreds of thousands. Greg always copyrighted his drawings and he was so happy in the early 60's before SF fame, to sign anything he gave away. He was very generous, but he always copyrighted them. So fortunately his brother Mark inherited all those copyrights. The ones not "stolen" from him.

Steal this pic and make a poster and put it under all those post office ads for recruitment. Any place that recruits, put one there. Put it on business cards. Leaflet all over with it. Greg would love love love you to do this if he were still alive.