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Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Inscription of the Body, Anal Eroticism, and Freud

Modern society is perverse, not because it has tried to repress sex and succeeded only  in producing deformed expressions of the sexual instinct, but because of the type of power it has brought to bear on the body. Far from limiting sexuality, it has extended its various forms, penetrating it with its power..... those identified with certain places (the home, the school, the prison - (my addition:Hollywood producers and actors) - all correspond to precise procedures of power. They are extracted from people's bodies, from the infinite possibilities of their pleasures, and frozen into a particular rigid stance (read Taylor Lautner). (Michel Foucault The Will to Truth-Alan Sheridan p. 175-6)

CaraNo's Bella in Soulmates feels marked, inscribed by Edward, and, as a virgin she is indeed imprinted. But Edward also thinks in terms of marking her, making her his, owning her, taking her, requiring her obedience. But more about that in another place. Meyer's Bella also feels the same, and becomes acutely aware of it when Edward leaves her in New Moon.
(On the left are anal toys from a very funny woman blogger on all things erotic. She lives in China and is Canadian. She blogs encouraging all women to try it with their partners and tells them there is a relationship with lower incidence of prostate cancer, but the real reason she is for it is it 

is great fun. So this post begins with Gentlemen... let a woman meet your rear ...  http://theworldaccordingtowoman.wordpress.com/2011/01/24/gentlemen-let-a-woman-meet-your-rear/As you read in CaraNo's  Isla de Cullen (Bella's initiation to anal sex) and especially in  CaraNo's Soulmates, Feeling, Belonging the bi-sexual Edward (with Jasper) and the porno writer Bella indulge with great pleasure.)

Gentlemen… let a Woman meet your rear…

In Civilization and Its Discontents Freud here and elsewhere has deconstructed toilet training, one of the basic requirements for a civilization, and what the child must sacrifice to attain it. I am sure people reading the above fanfics will get curious, want to try anal fucking, which is why I am linking you to well thought out sites for it.
Before you go out and spend a few hundred dollars in toys before you know what you want, go to the grocery store instead. This is the season for cucumbers and Zuchini and you get get bags full at a neighborhood stand for a couple of dollars. Go home and experiment before indulging with your partner. 
As a child you gave up all your sensuousness in your nether parts (they are dirty, bad you know) and you are going to find out just what you gave up in order to shit in the right place. In order to be civilized. In order to be normal. In order to be organized. It was painful for you to learn and it can be painful to unlearn. So go slow, prepare to spend days or weeks unlearning and dealing with what was done to you. If you go fast and furious with a partner first, you will not be able to do this, and your partner will re-inscribe you. Of course that's going to happen anyway, but know yourself first and deal with the feelings. They are early and deep. And it will take awhile for the pleasure to mirror the deeply sensuous being you really are that you were forced to give up. So check out the veggies, pick some sizes. Carrots are OK because you can scrape them and contour them. Cucumbers are soothing. Choose a water based lubricant and be generous with it but not overly so. You want to feel the resistance of your body, and you want to work and play gently with this resistance. Your tissues are fragile and narrowly separated from your bloodstream. Wash the veggies carefully, buy organic if you can. This is NOT about producing pleasure. It IS about surrendering to it.
And then you can introduce your partner when you feel secure. Men particularly are opposed as that means they are gay or bi and not me they say, not me. So go slow with him or her. And undo the damage that was done to you to "make you clean". It could have been accomplished otherwise, just as horse whisperers know that you don't have to jump on a virgin horse and BREAK it.  


The Album: Two Virgins
Remember John Lennon and Yoko Ono. Neither were virgins when they met, but they produced an album born of their meeting and their collaboration and marriage. The name: Two Virgins.
As Foucault demonstrated at length in "Surveiller et Punir" it is these micro-mechanisms of power that, since the late 18th century, have played an increasing part in the management of people's lives through direct action on their bodies: they operate not through a code of law, but through a technology of normalization, not by punishment, but by control, at levels and in forms that go beyond the state and its machinery.... We must free ourselves from this image of power as law and sovereignty, says Foucault, if we are to understand how power actually operates  in our technologically advanced societies. Foucault has two aims in this proposed series of studies: to show that sex - an area where, above all others, power seems to function in terms of prohibition - is not, in fact, subjected to power in this way and, second, to formulate an alternative theory of power, 'another grid for deciphering history'. 'We must at the same time conceive of sex without the law and power without the king.'(Sheridan MFTWTT 183)
An so the Foucauldian grid of power/knowledge came into existence
Power is everywhere: not because it embraces everything, but because it comes from everywhere...One should probably be a nominalist in this matter:  power is not an institution, nor a structure, nor a possession. It is the name we give to a complex situation in a particular society. (Foucault's History of Sexuality 93)
This inscription of the body penetrates the organs, the muscles, tendons, cellular structure, skin, blood flow, heart rate, in fact, the entire body outside and in.
Reading Bel Ami Through Marx, Foucault, Baudrillard and The Inscription of the Body another blog at focus free - The Inscription of the body here is horrible and it is one of the last pics. De Maupassant has described it perfectly in his description of Duroy's mother.
Stephenie Meyer has fictionalized it through Bella. She hypervenilates, her heart beats faster, she swoons, her stomach tightens, her legs tremble and she collapses, she blushes, she trembles, she shakes. And then in New Moon she shuts down and becomes a "zombie". And in the character of Bella you read perfect understanding of Freud's Studies in Hysteria, so if you are studying Freud, read Twilight and Meyer's Bella.
And in the fanfic Isla de Cullen we see a different Bella. A Bella who is a virgin, who has surrendered her will to an Edward who is dominant and in control of her sexuality as he initiates her in all different ways, including ass fucking. Which is why the butt plugs above. And below (no pun intended).
The Sensuality of Butt Plug Design part 1
I refer you to this blog by ScottA as it is very tech savvy on this subject. He is personally well informed and says when he is not. 

Postscript 5-24-2012: The mind's real power (what else can we call it?) is its ability to distinguish a particular nerve, fibre or infinitesimal articulation of the body and invest or disinvest it at will (a sudden thought produces pain in an unknown muscle, or makes a particular line of the face smile, but not some other). The mind can exert itself upon a particular fraction of the body which cannot be located anatomically, as it can on a particular particle of language which cannot be located linguistically, or a particular fraction of time which cannot be located chronologically. 

And if one ever saw a performance by Grotokwski or Yoshi Oida, then you will know this to be true.
Yoshi Oida

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