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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Robsessed Turns Rob Pattinson Pap Pics Into A Muybridge Motion Study

Science oAlthough Eadweard Muybridge thought of himself primarily as an artist, he encouraged the aura of scientific investigation that surrounded his project at the University of Pennsylvania. Published in 1887 as Animal Locomotion, the 781 finished prints certainly look scientific, and historically, most viewers have accepted them as reliable scientific studies of movement. The recent rediscovery of Muybridge’s working proofs, however, demonstrates that he freely edited his images to achieve these final results. How does this change our idea of his photography?r Art—or Both? http://americanhistory.si.edu/muybridge/

So it's been going on a long long time eh.

See Rob walk. Look, look, look Jane. Look, Sally, look. See Rob walk. Walk, Rob, walk. See Rob walk, Sally and Jane! Oh Dick, see Rob walk!


really good motion ones from top:



See Rob go. Rob can go down. See Rob go down. Down down down.

Muybridge again not Rob
 Top upper right sort of looks like that day on the beach though 
Oh oh oh! See Rob run. Rob can run fast. Run, Rob, run! Run fast, Rob, run run run! Oh, oh, oh! Look, look, look!

Crotch shot from Robsten Dreams
Don't you just love it?
Embarrassing to have fans like these eh

See the man walk. Walk, man, walk. Man, walk. Walkman.


 ks - rp

Image of a typical robsessed fangirl

blackbeanie replied to Kazrob

Where do you keep getting them, Kaz?  Stupid, I know, but when I see a poem of you, I know everything's fine in our happy place. :)

Happy Trail

You tease me with these little peeks

When there's been no sign for bloody weeks

Then a pic appears and oh my god

Its you in a hoodie flashing the bod.

You reach up to pull on the hood

Knowing full well you're looking good

Sunglasses on, unmistakeably male

My eyes are riveted on your happy trail.

This trail of hair, my eyes they linger
I want to trace it with my finger
Should my hand dip to the pleasure dome
I know I've found my sweet way home...